Pre-sale merchandise campaigns. Limited edition, for a limited time.

How does it work?

We create a campaign store for your merch design, open to take sales for a set time period. Orders are printed and distributed once the campaign closes. Limiting the sale period creates urgency, and the garments become part of a limited edition run.

Who is it for?
Creators with a strong following, looking to sell premium quality garments. The order target for each campaign is 70 garments, so the batch can be screen printed in bulk. This process allows us to print with the best, brightest and most robust inks.

Printing to order means there is no waste, and no risk. We take care of all of the admin and shipping, so all you need to do is share your creation. As the campaign wraps us, all profits are paid to you, and you get to see poeple enjoying your wares.

Sounding good? Here are our 7 lucky campaign steps.

1. Design 

Choose your design (1 per campaign) and send it over. Vector is best, but we can work with most formats if the quality is good. If you’re undecided, we can help you choose a strong design.


2. Garment type

Select your blanks (up to 2 per campaign) from this menu. This is a good time to order a sample garment for yourself, to make sure you’re stoked with everything, and give you something to photograph for promotion.

3. Pricing

Choose your sale price. Your cost prices can be seen here. From there you can calculate what your commission will be on each item. Unsure? Take a look at our marketplace to see what other creators have priced designs, or ask and we'll guide you through some common price points.


4. Timing

Choose your campaign length. We recommend 1 or 2 weeks, short and sweet creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, and means buyers aren’t waiting too long for their orders.

5. Share 

Once your campaign is live and ready, it's over to you to encourage sales. The more shares and channels you make use of, the more exposure you will get. More exposure = more $$ You can chat to us about ways to hype your audience and improve your reach.


6. Pay Day 

Soon after your campaign closes, you'll be paid out all profits. So you can hit the shops or roll around in a sea of cash, while we get to work on production.

7. Production

We order the exact amount of stock needed, before jumping on the tools to create screens, mix inks, and get printing. If order totals come in under target, we’ll print them digitally. From there, we pack up orders ready for local collection, or to hand over to the postie. Your customers will receive an email from us to confirm the order and timelines, and then a second message when they’re ready to ship or collect.

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