The processes we use

We use three main print methods. We'll happily guide you on the best one for your project, once we have an understanding of your requirements. We consider factors like quantities, deadlines, colour combinations, budget limitations and garment type. The chart below compares the main pros and cons. 

Direct to Garment

Digital printing is textile ink applied directly to fabric, using similar technology to an inkjet machine. Digital is great for small runs (1-50) and for very colourful and detailed prints. There are no costly set up fees, and turnaround times are super fast. 

Screen printing

Screen printing has been around since before you were born, and remains the best method to print large orders (50+), where the design uses up to 6 colours. It's hard wearing, and very economical. It can be time consuming to set up, so set up fees are common. 

Vinyl transfer

Vinyl is the best method to print on synthetic fabric, and can be handy for non-standard placements (e.g. sleeves, shorts, underwear). Designs need to be simple shapes (it can be helpful to consider if they would make a good sticker), and are often applied one colour at a time. 

What's next? 

Submit the details of your project, to get the ball rolling. 

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