We're fully staffed in these areas, but we're always happy to meet new people who are interested in working with us. If the below traits and tasks sound interesting to you, introduce yourself to

What makes someone a good Das fit? Mostly it’s just ‘having a proper sense of humour’, which is rarer than you’d think. But there are also a few actual skills required.

- A solid understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator is very handy too
- Familiarity with Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox and those sorts of modern day equivalents to ‘using a pen and a filing cabinet’
- Excellent Customer service skills. Excellent customer service skills. Can’t stress this one enough, you’re not just exchanging a t-shirt for cash, you’re helping someone turn an idea in their head into a real thing. Chatting with all sorts of people about all sorts of things needs to be your bag.
- Strong admin and numeracy skills

- Extreme attention to detail
- Ability to think logically, prioritise and multitask
- A strong drive to connect with others, and build positive relationships
- A healthy amount of patience
- A sense of humour and cheery attitude

Shop days can vary wildly, but an example of what you might do across a day include
- Photograph a kids drawing, edit the background out, help customer decide on colours and sizing, record order details and due dates, send to print
- Chat to a few curious people who have wandered past the store and want to know what it is we do
- Put an order together via email for a small business, including giving advice on print processes and turnaround times
- Communicate with production team around their capacity or for technical advice
- Design and print a last minute run of classy bucks party tees including a pair of undies for the groom
- Send a potential business partnership lead to our client accounts team
- Unpack orders sent over from our HQ, notify customers that they’re ready
- Tidy blank stock and keep the store looking presentable

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