For when your idea needs a little polish, a simple edit, or a complete makeover.  

What sort of help exactly?

Can we reanimate your childhood pet? No. Can we tease an idea out of you and make it look good on a tee? Yes, that we can do. Our print experience leaves us well placed to offer advice on which design styles and colours will give the most pleasing results, and our staff all have graphic design skills.

Does it come at a price?

If you have a few elements you need arranged, that's included in the service price. If things get more complicated, like scanning and cleaning files, creating images for multiple shirts or designs from scratch, then we charge on a time basis. $1 a minute. We work pretty fast and we'd always give you a sense of cost before we started. The average comes in around $15.

Is there a limit to the help?

If you want to keep paying, we'll keep helping, but ultimately we're not a branding agency. If you're looking for a new company logo, want to see multiple versions of colours and typefaces, or need a Tim Burton style drawing of a chicken on a bike, you might want to approach a professional. And then bring us the results. Kick off with the form below. 


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