We're game if you are.

While we specialise in printing our range of cotton garments, we're happy to experiment with other fabric and garment types. There is an element of risk to it, so it’s important you have a read of the following terms. We recommend supplying a test before committing to a larger order.


We have experience printing on a range of items and fabric, however some combinations just don't jive. The best approach is to supply a sample garment or fabric swatch for us to test on. If providing a sample is not feasible, and the item does not print well, we cannot cover the cost of the item. 


This is a rare occurance, but if an item is misprinted due to a machine fault or error on our part, we will provide a similar item from AS Colour or cover the cost of a replacement (to be sourced by you and capped at $25).

What now?

Get the ball rolling by submitting an enquiry form below, or heading into one of our stores. Some further information and recommendations on BYO printing are stashed beneath the form, if you're still reading.   

Submit a BYO enquiry

What can I bring? 

If we can fit it in our machines, we’ll give it a go. So far we've successfully printed underwear, pillowcases, silk, denim and even a muumuu. Items should be brand new and unworn.  Please supply BYO items free of swing tags, stickers or plastic packaging. If you need to post* items to us, check suitability before sending.

How much does it cost? 

Pricing will depend on the print size (our max is 35x40cm), your garment / fabric type, and how many you print. One-off prints are priced between $25 - $35. Fill out our enquiry form for a firm quote.

Anything else I should know?

Flat, smooth surfaces print best. Anything with a raised obstacle (zips, bulky seams, pockets or buttons) can be tricky to navigate. Organic cotton and hand dyed items can be risky too.

*Not in Melbourne?

Post or courier BYO items to: 
Das T-Shirt Automat
Att: Chief of BYOs
94 Parsons Street

Kensington  VIC  3031

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